Contact info requested

We need personal contact details for everyone that was at Devix.  Please post them or PM me.

At various times, I was contact by:

Lloyd Wood
Suneel Suwant
Bob Klein
Ron Roopentine
Rachel Sigley
Eugene Nikiforov - Ixtens

Found this on Lloyd's link-in profile:

Ron Wilkins
Principle at Wilkins Fitness Enterprises
Rachel Sigley
Marketing and Corporate Communications Manager; Tradeshow Coordinator
Devix International
Owner, Devix International
Elan Weinwurzel
VP Information Technology at ARBT Capital Group
Ryan Gessin
Investment Sales Division at Halstead Property
Mehzabeen Rupani
Sr. QA Analyst at Devix Corporation
Enzo Bacelo
Director, Sales & Marketing
Grant Heckler
Eric Elgar
Territory Manager at VMware; LLC and Internet Consultant; Strategic Thinker/ Technologist
John Massaro
President at Customized Business Software, LLC