3rd party info

Sometime between 2005-07, several lawsuits were begun against Devix. In order to avoid their liabilities, Devix attemped to create new companies and 'transfer' the (source code, assets etc) to the 'new' companies. After many hours in court Devix failed and the courts ruled all the companies were in fact the same, and liable for damages.

On (Nov 18, 2010), Devix apparently made an 'arrangement' with a local lawyer, Steven Mitnick of MITNICK & MALZBERG, P.C. to 'sell' their assets. But oddly enough apparently only 1 individual initially knew of this potential sale, and he offered $12,000, for the listed assets (with source code, probably worth over a million).  It may or not be that Mitnick's fee for 'selling' these assets is exactly $12,000, leaving no money for the injured parties. What a lucky coincidence indeed that would be!

This 'individual' is Suneel Sawant, CEO of Shantech, apparently the head of several other small-mid size software companies (if they are, in fact, real companies).

The original Devix team, owner/creator Guy Praisler and head salesman Gil Broitman left the company a few years ago right before it started failing (incredibly good timing?) and had the money (won the lottery?) to start a new financial company, "PBK Capital Advisors".

Pbk Capital Advisors
450 Seventh Ave Suite 400, New York, NY 10123
p: +1 212 365 6881  f: +1 212 504 3051

"PBK Capital Partners, L.P. is a U.S. Domiciled Hedge Fund specializing primarily in proprietary Options trading and hedging strategies open to qualified institutional and individual investors. Our experienced investment team, PBK Capital Advisors LLC - the advisory arm of our group, applies disciplined investment strategies and risk management tools delivering a low risk - high return investment portfolio and achieving our clients' risk-adjusted return objective."

So it is curious to wonder if, unable to fulfill the contracts for which they had taken client money, figured out how to keep that client money by selling Devix to someone esle who didn't know about all the unfinished client projects. Then the new owner, seeing he was cheated and losing money fast, eventually arranged with Suneel to buy the company through various backdoor loopholes, rather than going after Guy & Gil. Thus successfully keeping Guy & Gil's original money safe, while getting rid of a sinking ship in Devix.

And unfortunately, as is the hope of most in the business of legal fraud, the injured parties were not able to get together to organize and put these people behind bars like anyone else.

So now where is the source code that is worth all the money? This, is the question.

Bob Klein, a 'consultant' to Devix, and Steven Mitnick, the 'assignee' (think Trustee, but with no rules to follow), claim that over $1.5 million was invested by 'Software International' into the newest version, v8.0, but since they didn't pay their rent, the landlord locked them out of their offices and then their own programmers changed the passwords on the computers with the code, so they can't get it(?). And backups for millions of dollars of code? Backups? Of course not! Who would back up something like that? Professional developers know never to back up anything worth more than $5 or $10. That would just be bad business.

Furthermore, they said the code was not copyrighted anyway, so it was free to any who should happen upon it. (Unfortunately all the code has 'Copyright' written right on it, as does the Devix inteface itself..) However this source code is worth 7 figures, therefore these strange occurences must be legally attributed to... magic. Yes, of course. Indeed, whoever has the code truly must be saying, 'Yes, we can!'.

Also magical maybe the re-appearance of the source code a few years from now, of course hidden away behind a shiny new interface and brand-name, making brand-new monthly income, and magically under yet another shell company (controlled by Suneel?), who apparently has millions of dollars at his disposal, but not for making whole the injured parties:


How Suneel or any other party was able to legally get the source code off the devix computers and into their personal possession is a feat of great prowess, and as such highly admired by the author.

So, due to the success of the Harry Potter movies, and the quality of magic being displayed in all this, we suggest a Disney movie be created, called 'New Jersey State Corruption and the Devix Stone'. A bit wordy, but catchy.

Very catchy.